Local Stage Services

06 Αυγ 2016


Local Stage IS a live streaming platform -  provider. 

But not only that... 

We have our own webcasting crew to deliver special events to the viewers with optimum video/audio quality. 

Another thing we love to do is video production and creating video trailers/teasers! Check below for more...




  1. Web Platform for Live Streaming events
  2. Webcasting Crew for live streaming
  3. Event Recording
  4. Video Impression / Trailer / Teaser




  • Local Stage (www.localstage.live) is a Live Streaming platfrom dedicated to art.  

  • Includes amazing unique features, live Web Ticket, TIP, Live Chat, Private Show, Sponsor Branding etc. For more click here.

  • Dedicated to Live Streaming events about Arts, targets specific web viewers.

  • Local Stage services are FREE!





  • Born from the Live Streaming platform www.localstage.live, Local Stage crew is specialized on webcasting ART events through live streaming.

  • Having webcasted over 100 events only the past year Local Stage crew has an unparalleled field experience.

  • HD Multicamera support, TV direction, ads - low thirds, HD webcasting, drone support…

  • A list from the Live streaming events of Local Stage Webcasting crew can be found HERE





  • Recording of the whole event in Full HD.

  • Uncompressed recording of the TV direction in high bit rate for uploading on Facebook, YouTube etc.





  • Teaser Video production from the event.

  • Video Impression with extra shots beside the recording from the live streaming.


Sample Videos

Local Stage - Behind the Scenes

“Lay Low” at Why Sleep

GBOB World Finals - Berlin

+Soda Reunion Party

Grand Prix Skates

Poros Piano Academy



LOCAL STAGE - behind the scenes

The story behind Local Stage Webcasting Crew!

Over 100 events webcasted in the last year from Athens, Thessaloniki and ...Berlin!

  • Multicam webcasting (up to 4 camera operators)

  • HQ quality from any venue.

  • Portable and adjustable under any circumstances.

  • Drone Support (for Drone sample click here).

  • Smartphone support as an extra cam (more here).

Live Streaming Platform: www.localstage.live

Web Casting Crew: www.localstage.video

Contact: live@localstage.gr